R-Drive Image

R-Drive Image 7.0

Creates backup files for entire hard disks

Back up the data from a selected hard drive on your computer and create its full copy. Transfer duplicates of all files to a different disk, generate an image and insert it into a virtual drive, verify data integrity. The utility also features the tool for restoring archived backups.

R-Drive Image can create backups of all the contents of a given partition. Moreover, it lets you create startup disks, which are intended to restore data, particularly when the bootable partition of your computer fails to work. Other features include restoring data from an image, making exact copies of a disk to another, checking an image file and mounting a copy as a virtual logical drive. Luckily, despite all the complexities inherent in these processes, the program can be used by all users, thanks to the fact that you can perform all these functions with the help of a wizard.

The application uses its own format (RDR) and recent versions also support files created with the oldest versions. However, it does not allow using other common extensions, such as ISO. Likewise, when restoring data from a file, it only lets you import RDR and ARC files. Contradictorily, startup disks need to be created from ISO files. As to the latter, the tool uses USB portable devices. It is a shame that it still has some limitations as to working with networked drives.

Fortunately, the program lets you customize the way you back up data in many ways. Probably the most useful of these features is that it lets you use different compression ratios, which also has an impact on the time it takes to process data. Likewise, it lets you split the copy of a partition into several files. It is possible to protect the backup image with a password. Finally, it is great that you do not need to copy all the data as, along with full backups, the product also supports incremental and differential copying.

Having the possibility of scheduling backups is essential, and happily, this program supports it. This way, you can schedule regular tasks at given intervals or when a specific event, such as system startup or user logon, happens.

All in all, R-Drive Image works perfectly and helps you prevent data loss in practically all circumstances. It is generally considered one of the best of its type out there, so obviously, it deserves a try. Just for you to know, this product is shareware and can be used for 30 days without any limitations, which definitely helps you decide if it is what you really need.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Easy to use
  • Various types of backups
  • Task scheduling
  • Virtual drive mounting
  • Bootable disk creation


  • Limited range of formats
  • Limitations to work with networked drives
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